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This is how you can turn your mornings from chaotic to unbelievably productive.

If “the early bird catches the worm” is a bizarre analogy to you, chances are your mornings are anything but successful. Hopping in and out of the shower, a scramble for something to wear, and skipping breakfast to make it just in time to clock in at the office. Sound familiar?

Imagine if you were in control of your mornings? Imagine if you could run the day so it wouldn’t run you?

Considering that science predictions suggest that you’ll wake up at an average of 25 000 mornings in your adult life, here are a few tips you’ll need to take back your mornings and free yourself from the added stress.

Start your next day the previous night

Jumping into bed with your clothes on to save time in the morning isn’t the idea here. Rather, before leaving the office in the afternoon, write down a short to-do list of all the tasks you need to do the following morning.

The trick here is to have something to motivate you to get up in the morning. When you know what you need to do for the morning, it’ll be much easier to jump out of bed instead of clinging to those last few minutes for dear life.

Get your day going a bit earlier every day

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean waking up at an ungodly hour, especially if it isn’t in your modus operandi to wake up early.

What it means is making a gradual change to the time you get up in the morning. Start off by setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than you usually wake up. The following day, get up 15 minutes earlier than the previous day. Gradually you’ll adapt to this new habit, and ultimately, get more done in the morning.

Begin your day with a proactive mindset

… you need to start your day by shifting your mindset so that you realize that you’re responsible for your own destiny. Beginning your day by with an expectation that what you do really matters, will give you the power to start off your mornings on a productive note, and get you through the rest of your day more effectively.

Give yourself 20 minutes to hit your flow

Your flow or zone (as some would have it) are those moments in your workday when you’re so effortlessly engrossed in what you’re doing it seems unreal.

Your flow tends to occur when you’ve set out clear goals that need appropriate responses. Remember that before-you-leave-the-office to-do list? Ah ha!

Don’t stress if your flow doesn’t kick in immediately. It often takes some time for most people to feel productive or engaged in what you’re doing. So just give yourself a few minutes.

Reward yourself at certain times

At some point in your day, it’s time to blow up the balloons, throw some confetti and boggy your way to lunch with the girls… Why? Because you’ve accomplished all you set out to do during the morning.

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