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And let it do the talking…

Sure, you have a Unified World Jobs profile? Fantastic! But when was the last time you updated it with new information or even logged on to it see that it still exists?


Unified World Jobs is packed with recruiters looking for fresh new talent every single day. Whether you’re on the job search or not, these 5 tips will add a fresh touch to your profile.

1. Update your Career Summary

Have you changed jobs and have been so busy adjusting to the new surroundings that you’ve forgotten to add your new position? Or perhaps your responsibilities increased? No matter what the case may be, make sure that your career summary is up to date with information like your current position, the company you work for and responsibilities. After all, that’s the main reason why recruiters will take a look at your profile.

2. Add a professional photo

If when you initially registered your profile you didn’t add a profile headshot of yourself, or your profile picture is from that time you were searching for your very first job, ensure that you update your profile with a more recent, professional picture. It will immediately make your profile more appealing. Plus recruiters won’t be tempted to think your profile is simply out-of-date. No one wants to hire someone who doesn’t demonstrate any commitment, right?

Tip: Ensure your image meets the 90x90px specifications before uploading it.

3. Update your skills

Remember those skills you hurriedly added during your promo days so you could apply for that internship? Good verbal and written communication, a people’s person and an ability to think on your feet? Yes, those.

As great as they may have been back then, after 3 years into your career, they are far less likely to land you the kind of job you’re after now. Make sure you shine the light on your prized skills and experience.

4. Attach a copy of your updated CV

Although your Unified World Jobs profile is important for recruiters to get an idea of your experience and skills, attaching a copy of your CV will give them a more detailed explanation of these points. It will also provide them with a better idea of the kind of person you are. Plus, if they want a hard copy of your CV, it’ll be at their disposal.

5. Keep your personal information consistent with other websites

Are you using the same name for your Unified World Jobs profile that you’ve used on your LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social media platforms you can be found? Consistency and professionalism will count in your favour when recruiters view your profile.

It’s also important to ensure you complete all the fields under the Personal Details section. Don’t forget to update your contact details as well. At a minimum, you should have your email address, phone number and social media links.

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